Can one really be financially free and independent as a self-employed person?

Find out why:

There is probably a reason to look for a new or additional source of income that can generate a good income.

Many successful people are now being re-motivated from unpredictable deep blows to find ways out of the crisis.

Others have built up loads that are becoming increasingly unbearable and want to break out of this situation.

The desire to finally become truly independent and free is also looking for new opportunities.

[/su_box] Just look at everything, in my experience it's a good alternative to the classic systems of the economy.

Direct Sales 

The new digital perspective
Times have changed, we live in the digital age!
Therefore, this distribution system with the right partner is also possible online and internationally.

You can use an online system developed by us, which we provide free of charge.
It includes customer development with international online shops, online customer care and building your own organization worldwide.

As you heard from the video, commission is used to pay for your performance.
With our partner internationally, from worldwide sales according to one of the best marketing plans of this economic sector.

New perspectives for you too?
Whatever industry you come from, you can soon become part of a successful top company.

Please ask yourself the question:
Does the industry in which I work still have prospects for my future?

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Christina & Heinz Schiller

We are the founders and since 1990 the sole shareholders of Mobile-Extra Innovations-Management, Vienna.

Herbalife – Nutrition has been an excellent basis for our business and international cooperation with our Herbalife team partners for 20 years.

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