Can one really be financially free and independent as a self-employed person?

Find out why:

There is probably a reason why you are looking for a new or additional income opportunity.

Many successful people have been motivated mostly by some setbacks in in their lives to seek for a positive change.

Others have a lot of stress in their workplace and want to break out of this situation
but also the desire for independence and professional freedom leads people to look out for some new opportunities.


Hi, my name is Heinz Schiller.
More than 40 years ago, I decided to become self-employed.

At that time there were many opportunities as an electrician and the success was soon followed by a lot of diligence and pioneering spirit.

For me it was always in the foreground to be free and independent, but the price was incredibly high.

As a sole proprietor, custom-made products were developed according to customer requirements, with an incredible amount of time and risk-taking.
For a while, everything went well, sales rose until one of my main customers went bankrupt and left me with a big financial problem.

So next I went into the trade in telecommunications and accessories, as a small dealer it went on.
Always in firm faith, with much diligence and pioneering spirit, I will be free and independent to fulfill all my dreams, so I have given full throttle.

It is hard to believe that within a year my sole proprietorship became an importer and wholesaler supplying almost all wholesale markets in Austria.
The company developed from a GmbH to an AG.

My physical and emotional condition was under incredible pressure because soon I realized that there was no freedom and independence.
The disappointment was great because envy and greed in my competitive environment almost ruined me.

In 2001 I got out of the problems because I had discovered a new perspective.
What I like to work for today, because it brings exactly what I understand as a self-employed under freedom and independence.

That's why I set myself the goal of supporting people who want to follow me without prejudice.

Today we live in the digital age, so my support is also online.

Just look at everything, in my experience it's a good alternative to the classic systems of the economy.

Direct Sales - Network Marketing

Times have changed, we live in the digital age!
Therefore, this distribution system with the right partner is also possible online and internationally.

You can use an online system developed by us, which we provide free of charge.
It includes customer development with international online shops, online customer care and building your own organization worldwide.

As you heard from the video, commission is used to pay for your performance.
With our partner internationally, from worldwide sales according to one of the best marketing plans of this economic sector.

So you can also start next to a job or a self-employment.
Even if you are unemployed, a reboot would be possible.


But what always has to be in your mind:

Get an idea of what exactly your goal is you want to achieve in the future.

  • You had to visualize and internalize this idea.
  • You have to keep your goal in your mind's eye and keep track for example before falling asleep or in negative situations so it will keep pushing you forward.
  • Barriers that are standing in your way can be overcome more easily because you know exactly what you will achieve in the future.
  • Feel inner joy that floods you when you visualize your idea, your heart must burn for what you want to achieve.

You can learn all of his, if you are ready to work on your personality. We can give you some tips in the member area.

Professional appearance:

Network marketing is a business with tremendous opportunities and your personal professional attitude is extremely important to other people. This is real business and not an aside bauble.

What other people do not understand or want to understand is sometimes simply ignored or laughed at.

You need to understand that you run an extraordinary business here. For some people this business does not lie in their regular kind of employment.

How the system works:

Duplication is the engine in network marketing. the system will help you get the engine running.


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